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Singapore Good Design Mark 2018, Smart Nation category

We were honored to be awarded the Singapore Good Design Mark 2018 by Chamber of Design Singapore for our work on Highline Residences Virtual Reality Show Suite. A first of its kind in Singapore.

Silver award, International Design Awards 2018

We won a silver award in the IDA 2018, for the interactive media we designed and developed for Martin Modern



Invited to speak at Autodesk University, Bangkok

As Autodesk's partner in technology, we were invited to Bangkok to share our experience and expertise in the field of CG and visualization.



Partnered with Land Trasport Authority of Singapore

VisualMediaWorks worked together with LTA of Singapore in projects to improve and enhance Singapore's infrastructure.



VMW Group WAF 2015

VMW Group was a sponsor for the event and we were featured on WAF's platforms.



Copyright Infringement

There was an infringement of our copyright by Spot Works Pte Ltd ("SW") when they used some of our photographic images on their website / webpage(s). We will do that we need to when protecting our intellectual property rights and take any form(s) of infringement seriously. SW's letter apologises for the said infringement and confirms that this incident will not be repeated.

Post Production for AIA's Short Film

Attic Films was involved in the Post Production/Motion Graphics for a short film, The Promise for AIA.

obilia + blanct in 4As

obilia + blanct became a member of 4As - Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore.

Also, repositioning of the entities:
- obilia as creative agency
- blanct as interactive and branding agency

V-Ray 3.0 Asia Pacific Talk

Terence Bong (obilia) represented VMW Group in the opening event of V-Ray 3.0 Asia Pacific Official Launch Tour in Singapore on providing creative visualisation services to the real estate industry.

Product Video

Attic Films completed its 1st Product Video for Czone's AQUARIUS dispenser.

Office Directory

blanct developed its 1st office directory with the integration of real-time energy and atmospheric calculation for Ho Bee Group's Metropolis.




Lifestyle Photography Curation

obilia curated the project's lifestyle photography for M+S' Duo Interactive Media.

Model Lighting Controller Technology

blanct completed its 1st Physical Model Lighting Controller using a Touch Screen Interface for CapitaLand's CapitaGreen.

Dome Video Projection

Attic Films completed its 1st Immersive Dome Video projection for M+S' Duo.

4k Pixels Video

Attic Films completed its 1st 4k pixels video as part of the multimedia showcase for CapitaLand's CapitaGreen.



CGI Art Directon for Ad Print Campaign

obilia collaborated with Kinetic Advertising on Memory Lane Vinyl Records Ad Print Campaign. obilia co-lead the Art Direction and managed all Computer Graphics for the Domestic Scenarios in American Culture 50's, 60's, 70's influences in Music. The entry was a finalist in the Creative Circle Award 2012.

Stereoscopic Perspective

VMW completed its 1st Stereoscopic Perspective for Conscient's Heritage Max residential in Gurgaon, India.

Alioscopy Animation

VMW completed its 1st Alioscopy Animation for Tata Housing's The Promont, a residential property in Bengaluru, India.

Enhanced RCIPM

blanct improved on its Remote Controllable Interactive Panoramic Media (RCIPM), using mobile technology tools (iPad/iPhone App and Android).

Content Management System

blanct completed its 1st Content Management System (CMS) for Qing Jian Realty's River Isles website.



Featured at Breathing Architecture Exhibition in Germany

obilia partook in WOHA's solo exhibition, Breathing Architecture at Frankfurt Germany. (Later, featured in Taiwan)

Interactive Directory

blanct completed its 1st Interactive Directory for Space Furniture. It was intended for the grand opening of one of the world's iconic destinations for design - Space Asia Hub.

2nd Guest Lecture for NUS

Lee Hon Kit was invited by National University of Singapore, Department of Architecture to give a talk on The Architect in Digital Visualisation.



Featured in Singapore Architect's Design issue 255

obilia's artwork was featured on the cover of Architects Save the World, Singapore Architect's Design issue 255.

Stereoscopic 3D Animation

VMW and Attic Films collaborated on their 1st Stereoscopic 3D Animation (3D Movie Technology with glass wear) for City Development Limited's The Glyndebourne.

iPad and Android App

blanct completed its 1st iPad and Android App for Interactive Marketing and Presentation, integrated with Interactive E-brochure, Site Plan, and IPM for Hatten Group's Hatten City Development in Malacca. A 50" Touch-Screen interface was incorporated for the showsuites in Singapore and Malacca.

Motion Sensor and Augmented Reality (AR) Presentation

blanct completed its 1st Interactive Presentation using Motion Sensors and Augmented Reality for PT. Wisata Bahagia's (Indonesia) Sundancer Resort at Lombok Showsuite in Singapore. A Marketing Interface on a 50" Touch-Screen Table integrating Interactive Gallery, Site Plan and IPM.

Remote Controllable Interactive Panoramic Media (RCIPM)

blanct completed its 1st Remote Controllable Interactive Panoramic Media (RCIPM) for Capitamall's Jcube Shopping Mall. The 3 by 2 meter projection is remote-controlled from a 46" Touch Screen TV, showcasing Interactive Floor Plans, Overlay View Cones and Custom Made View Controller.

Apple /Android Application (App) Developer

VMW was registered as an Apple & Android Developer of phone and tablet Application (App).

Further Enhancement of IPM

blanct expanded on its own proprietary of IPM programming to contain new features such as Animated Elements, Overlay of View Cone, and Interactive Information. This sees the progression of IPM compared to other panoramic viewers in the market.

blanct formed

The same team that programmed the IPM services, formed blanct. blanct specialises in Branding, Graphic and Digital Design.

Featured in Lian He Zao Bao

VMW was featured in Lian He Zao Bao (Singapore National Newspaper in Chinese) on its IPM and Augmented Reality (AR) technology application for Architectural Visualisation.



IPM for Commercial Building

VMW completed its 1st IPM for a commercial building, with integration of the Unit Dimensions in 3D, Test Fit Options & Full Nagivation for Mapletree Business City.

Concept Lead

obilia completed its 1st Visual Branding and lead the concept for YTL's Kasara Premier Villas, Oriental Luxe Mood in Sentosa.

Enhanced IPM

VMW completed its 1st IPM with an overlay of the floor plan and customised options such as the Material & Space Configuration, for Dunsfold Residences, to replace an actual showsuite.

CD Box Design

obilia collaborated with Kinetic to design a CD box in support of the Singapore Independent Band, Humpback Oak.

Visual Vocabulary Content for Makansutra Food Village Competition

obilia collaborated with FARM to formulate and direct a "one-of-a-kind visual vocabulary" content. It won the Makansutra Food Village Competition at Marina Bay Sands.

Animated Perspectives

VMW completed its 1st Animated Perspectives (AP) for City Development Limited's Hundred Trees website.

Key Visuals for Singapore Design 2050 Proposal

obilia collaborated with WOHA architects in the Masterplan Proposal for Singapore Design 2050 as part of the ICSID World Design Congress 2009. They created the key visuals used for the event and its collateral, Strange Times.

Featured in CGM Nov 2009 Issue

CGM Nov 2009 Issue featured VMW in the CG Industry Feature Interview, Computer Graphics Architectural Visualization Pioneer in Singapore: VisualMediaWorks.

Featured in CGM Oct 2009 Issue

Computer Graphics Magazine (CGM) Oct 2009 Issue featured VMW in Key Computer Graphics Animation Companies in Singapore.

Advantages of Using 3D Seminar for Autodesk

VMW was invited by Autodesk to give a seminar on Advantages of Using 3D in Interior Design at TCC, Clarke Quay Singapore.



Keppel & Daniel Libeskind's Exhibition IPM for Commercial

obilia was engaged by Keppel Land to conceptualise the animation teaser and artworks for In Between, Beside, Beyond - a Keppel and Daniel Libeskind's exhibition.

Marketing Video in Film Format

Attic Films completed its 1st Marketing Video in Film Format with Talents, Storyboard and CG Animation for Far East Organization's Orchard Scotts Development.

CG 3D Study

obilia introduced CG 3D model as part of the intuitive study to assist WOHA in designing the organic structures of the Fusionpolis' Genexis Theatre.

Branding of Visual Contents

obilia completed its 1st Branding of Visual Contents for Marketing of Napier Properties, 8 Napier.

VMW Website catalogued by NLB

National Library Board (NLB) catalogued VMW's website ( as integral to Singapore's documentary heritage for researchers and the general public; and catalogued VMW's publication in its network.

obilia formed

obilia was formed to specialise in Visualisation Concepts and take on special projects.



Post-Production for TVC

Attic Films completed its 1st TVC Post Production for IKEA's New Catalogue TVC.

Attic Films formed

Attic Films was formed to specialise in Video Production, including Pre- & Post-Production.

1st Guest Lecture for NUS

VMW was invited by National University of Singapore (NUS), School of Design and Environment to give a Seminar and Workshop on Computer Graphics Architecture Rendering.

2nd Feature in CNA TV Programme, That's I.T.

VMW was featured in ChannelNewsAsia (CNA) TV programme, That's I.T. explaining the benefits of 3D animation for architects and developers.



Art, CAD and Architecture Visualization seminar for Autodesk

VMW was invited by Autodesk to give a seminar on Art, CAD and Architecture Visualization at the Esplanade Theatre Studio. Lee Hon Kit gave a talk on the Idea Realised in Design Visualization.

Featured in Autodesk's article

VMW was featured in Autodesk's article, From Virtual Reality to Real Virtuality with VMW.



Exclusively Featured in Master Architect Series VI Book

VMW's artworks were exclusively featured in The Master Architect Series VI, SCDA Architects - Selected and Current Works. Soo K. Chan, SCDA Architects founder and design director, acknowledged Lee Hon Kit for the renderings.

Featured in Pacinta's Painted Bridge Book

VMW was featured in the Book Publication, Pacinta's Painted Bridge. VMW collaborated with Pacinta, the artist, in visualising and designing the painted artwork in digital media.

TVC Animation

VMW completed its 1st TV Commercial (TVC) Animation with Camera Tracking of Talents in Video Format for Keppel Land's Urbana Condominium.

FIABCI Award Submission Video

VMW completed its 1st FIABCI Award Submission Video for UOL's 1 Moulmein Rise - FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Award Winner 2005.

Corporate Video for Developer

VMW completed its 1st Corporate Video for Developers - Sim Lian Group.



Marketing Video including Talents

VMW completed its 1st Marketing Video including Talents for Sim Lian's The Pearl.



Green Screen, Shoot & Talent Casting

VMW completed its 1st Video Production to include live talent within the animation. Green screen technology was used to composite the talents into CG Animation for Spring Star's Residences at 338A.

Corporate Video for Architect

VMW completed its 1st Corporate Video for Architects - ADDP Architects.



1st Feature in CNA TV Programme, That's IT.

VMW was featured by ChannelNewsAsia (CNA) as a pioneer in Digital Media in the television program, That's IT.

Marketing Video Shoot

VMW completed its 1st Marketing Video with live video shoot for United Overseas Land's 1 Moulmein Rise.

Interactive Kiosk Design

VMW completed its 1st Interactive Kiosk Design for City Development Limited Property Console.

Renamed to VisualMediaWorks (VMW)

VisualWorks was renamed to VisualMediaWorks (VMW) and became a Private Limited company.



Interactive Interface

VisualWorks completed its 1st Interactive Interface that allows users to customise furniture in the 3D interior space for Restless Reform, an interior design firm.

Property Web Design

VisualWorks completed its 1st Property Web Design for City Development Limited's Emery Point Condominium.

Architectural Animation Flythrough

VisualWorks completed its 1st Architectural Animation Flythrough for City Development Limited's The Equatorial.

Interactive Panoramic Media (IPM)

VisualWorks coined and completed its 1st 360° Interactive Panoramic Media (IPM), integrated with animation by iMove developed on an interactive kiosk platform for City Development Limited's Equatorial Condominium.

Corporate Website launched

VisualWorks produced and launched its own 1st Corporate Website.



VisualWorks founded

VisualWorks was founded by Lee Hon Kit. Services included Architectural Illustration using Computer Graphics (CG), 3D Modelling & Rendering, and Digital Imaging.